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Since 1959


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     Our steel stamps are custom made to your specifications to make a sharp, deep impression of the finest quality. We use only the finest, high carbon tool steel and brought to a hardness of between 58 and 62, (depending on the stamp type) Rockwell on the c scale (longer-life). We also do our own heat-treating in modern computer controlled furnaces.

     There are two methods we use in making a steel stamp, 3D pantograph engraving and Electrical Discharge Machining  We only EDM a stamp if it will give you the same quality as an engraved stamp. (No washed-out looking, dull EDM stamps.) Ring stamps can be made to fit any size ring. We also make  European, hallmark style engraved stamps and concave wire stamps as small as .010 high  with a .015 radius face.







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